Remember our promise to challenge the impossible? Well this is where our team really comes together to provide you with a bespoke experience.

Excursions can be tricky even for the most well travelled of us, but not to worry, at BLVD Club we embrace the challenge and concoct ideas that will be life-changing for you.


Whether you desire a trip to the world’s finest vineyards or exhilarating extreme sports therapy, or even a guided tour with a chauffeur driven fleet of SUV’s, we are prepared to arrange an excursion that either rocks or floats your boat, literally. Our team will start off with showcasing some of the most exciting locations on the planet to assist with matching your desired excursion expectation. We then take it a step further by organizing activities reserved only for the elite and luminaries of this world, ensuring your trip ends up being one to write home about!

We invite you to contact us for further information