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Trip Planning

Trip Planning

At BLVD Club, we understand your passion for culture discovery and desire for seamless service that can only be achieved through meticulous planning. Our trip planning specialists are on stand-by awaiting your every demand.

We carefully plan every aspect of your trip from helping you decide on a destination that has everything you want for your holiday experience, to securing five-star exclusive accommodation. We equally ensure that even the smallest of details and formalities are looked into, ticking all the boxes required before you set off on your adventure.

Through our partnership with a global travel agency, we are able to directly book first class travel to desired destination, allowing us to rapidly respond to your inquiries and literally hand you a plane ticket. We top it off with providing you a tailor made itinerary that includes your pick up time from your door –step to information on which terminal the first class lounge is located! Leave it to us to work round the clock and provide you with an experience that fulfils every aspect of your desired trip.

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