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Private Jet

Private Jet

Whoever said frequent flier miles were impressive had never travelled in a Private Jet. At BLVD Club, we understand that your lifestyle in most cases goes beyond a first-class ticket. With our aviation sourcing and planning service.

We pride ourselves with the fact that our partners provide the most luxurious of services that make your flight experience a memorable part of your journey. Skip the traditional airport queues and baggage claim waiting areas, your time is far more valuable and is better spent jet-setting across the world in your private luxurious cocoon. 

Beyond our traditional booking services, we can also assist with leasing or acquiring private aircraft for your ownership through our contacts with leading brands such as Airbus, Cessna, Bombardier and Gulfstream to name a few. We believe in providing the most exclusive of flying experiences whether for charter or purchase and deliver on this promise with access to finest air travel has to offer.  

Leave it to us to manage your lifestyle on the fly and enjoy the luxuries reserved for the select few!

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